Evolution is Inevitable


RA_ Evolve

RA_ Evolve was founded in 2014 by Whitney, Kennedy + Audrey; three influential hair artists in Los Angeles with over 45 years of combined experience. Known as the RA_ Babe Trifecta, they now own two thriving Wellness + Beauty Co-ops, one in West Hollywood and the other in Downtown Los Angeles. They are dedicated to creating all the best things to elevate your beauty rituals!


'pilō // 100% silk pillowcases

  • Anti- Wrinkle

    The strong yet soft fibers of silk, let you sleep without waking up with sleep creases. Using a silk pillowcase over time, smooths the skin and helps keep aging wrinkles in check too!

  • Anti- Frizz

    Imagine waking up without bedhead! Silk smooths down the hair cuticles while you rest, leaving you with less mess in the morning. Vital for hair extension care!

  • Anti-Bacterial

    Silk is hypoallergenic, naturally repelling fungus, dusts mites and bacteria, which means these creepy-crawlies won't clog your pores during the night! A great preventive for acne. 

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