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RA_ Bar Remedies


BLISS – You may have already found your bliss, but the real question is, has your hair? Our BLISS treatment, which uses our own in-house formula of essential oils, is guaranteed to relieve and sooth anything from eczema and psoriasis to dandruff or simply a stressed out scalp. For optimum results, we recommend one treatment per week for four weeks and then scaling down to one per month, depending on the severity of the condition. 


BOOST – Fed up with thinning hair? BOOST is for you. This treatment will help promote hair growth and prevent continued loss, no matter the reason. Great for men and women, the key to this treatment is continuous use, which is made possible by our very own take-away version for you to use daily at home! We recommend one treatment per week for four weeks before scaling down to one per month and watch your hair turn from lack-luster to luscious!


SHINE – Ready to tackle and tame dull, lifeless hair? Try our SHINE treatment! Shine is here to revitalize weathered, worn-out hair. Perfect for protecting hair from the ocean and pool life, this treatment offers deep moisturizing and repair you can feel and see. A treatment suitable for all hair types, SHINE serves as a remedy to achieve the hair of your dreams.