evolution is inevitable

Our Story

Whitney, Kennedy & Audrey had spent over five years working together in a high end salon in West Hollywood. They nurtured their relationships and gathered a great clientele striving to grow and start something innovative.

The three of them knew that together they would create something beautiful. Powered by positivity and a solid moral compass they would create an ideal work environment and focus on the part of their art that matters most- showing their clients just what beauty is for each individual.

RA_ was created to define beauty in a new light. The RA_ Movement uses the physical elements to empower self-expression. Meaning, they use beauty in the physical sense (hair, makeup, etc) as a means to display the best parts of your inner self, essentially letting you feel like you! This is a process that the creators of RA_ are excited to be a part of. It's not only about the end result of a session with any one of these talented ladies but the time spent in a RA_ chair, with an open ear and no one to judge you.