Evolution Is Inevitable


What does consciously made mean? 'pilō is 100% manufactured in Los Angeles with fair-trade silk by professionals being paid fair wages. 

What kind of silk is 'pilō? 100% mulberry silk from Korea 

Why is silk best for hair and skin? Silk has been know for its beauty properties for ages. It is hypoallergenic, having a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and bacteria - so all of that icky stuff can't  live on your 'pilō and infiltrate your skin causing blocked pores and acne. Its strong yet soft fibers will leave your face wrinkle free in the morning and smooth out your hair cuticles as well, eliminating bedhead and vital for extension care!

Will a standard size 'pilō fit a queen? Yes! The standard size 'pilō will fit most queen size pillows. 

How do I care for my 'pilō? We recommend that you machine wash cold + hang to dry to keep your 'pilō lasting longest. If you prefer the extra softness that a dryer gives, please tumble dry on low heat. 

Can I bleach my quartz 'pilō? Yes. Silk is very durable, however, excessive bleaching will break it down over time. Please use minimal bleach while washing.