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The RA_ movement is all about community and giving back. That is why we created RA_ Changes! Once a month, the RA_ team travels to women's domestic violence shelters around Los Angeles offering their services free of charge. We know that something about getting your hair done makes you feel human again and that's just what these women need- their confidence and power back!
We are not limited to only this outreach.  RA_ Changes goes wherever they can help!
Don't hesitate to reach out to us where we may be of service. 
Because RA_ Changes lives. 
RA_ Changes Teams Up With Makeovers That Matter for Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

"To the Artistic Team at RA,

As I sat in the chair waiting for my color to set, I was completely overwhelmed by gratitude.  I looked around RA and marveled at all the wonderful people there, who could be making lots of money, but instead chose to take care of me – to take care of us.  This compassionate benevolence is something I have rarely experienced. To be cared for with no strings attached is an incredible gift. 

I am not always the best at receiving.  I am much better at doing, and in that chair I was frantically thinking and searching for a way that I could repay your kindness.  Then, David, whose openness allowed me to feel like I had a new best friend, swept in, and it sunk in. When you are given a heartfelt gift, what you do is open your own heart in gratitude.

Thank you all for kindness, generosity, and making us all look FABULOUS.  And, thank you for giving me the chance to grow and be cared for.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Thanks again,