evolution is inevitable

What's In A Name?

Ra: (n) The ancient Egyptian sun god
Ra (pronounced Rah) is more than just a name to us - it’s an embodiment of our mission.  We founded RA_ Bar Beauty with the intention of creating a positive space in this industry where one was lacking - to radiate the same light, energy, and warmth as the mythological deity. As a trio of women, we also appreciate the balance brought by Ra’s powerful, masculine energy. Beauty isn’t just about looks! It’s about beaming bright from within. 
The alternate pronunciation of ‘raw’ served as the basis for our RA_ Bar. (No, not a juice bar!) The first of its kind, our RA_ Bar consists of all-natural, super-healing oils from premium fruits and nuts. We cocktail these oils into custom conditioning treatments, individualized for each client’s needs. Essentially, we have taken organic home hair remedies and deepened the process, amplifying the results. ‘Raw’ can also be applied to us as humans. We’re real, open, passionate, strong…and even a little unrefined. We aren’t afraid to be our raw selves, to live – and dream – honestly, and we cherish the growth that comes from mistakes. When you see our logo, we hope it inspires you to embrace your own beautiful raw self. 
We love our community and are so grateful for the opportunity to bring beauty back to nature! 
About The Founders:


After more than a decade each of being in the beauty industry, Whitney Colleen, Kennedy Van Dyke & Audrey Rae spent over five years working together in a high end salon in West Hollywood. They nurtured their relationships and gathered a great clientele striving to grow and start something innovative. 

The three of them knew that together they would create something beautiful. Powered by positivity and a solid moral compass they would create an ideal work environment and focus on the part of their art that matters most- showing their clients just what beauty is for each individual.


 Whitney Colleen 
Whitney Colleen was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. A top celebrity and fashion hair stylist for over 10 years, Whitney was voted one of the “The Three Best Stylists Who Will Make You Look Fab” by Haute Living Magazine. She spent 6 years in New York working at the prestigious Warren Tricomi Salon, before moving back home to LA as Creative Director of Warren Tricomi in West Hollywood. RA Bar Beauty is the culmination of over a decade of making some of the world’s top celebrities and fashion icons look their best. Whitney’s organic approach to hair has led her to doing hundreds of fashion shows and styling the hair of hundreds of celebrities. She has been featured on Access Hollywood, The Doctors, The Tyra Banks Show, The Hills, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and numerous other television shows and major media. Her approach is simple. Create hair cuts that grow out gracefully, are precise, chic and beautiful, while making her clients look young, vibrant and feel great. 
Kennedy VanDyke 
Kennedy Van Dyke has  had a passion for the art of hair since she was a child. Born in Los Angeles, this third generation hairstylist spent her youth on film sets all over the world, learning the various styles and techniques from the most influential  hairstylists in film. Always knowing she was going to be a hairstylst, she picked up her first pair of scissors over a decade ago. After graduating from cosmetology school she assisted the top colorist at Christophe Salon in Beverly Hills for three years, eventually taking her talents to Warren Tricomi in West Hollywood where she remained for four years before starting RA_ with partners Whitney and Audrey. Although she is skilled in many aspects of cutting and color, nothing tops her talent for extensions with include; keratin individuals, beaded individuals, sewn in wefts, and tape in wefts . Her genuine love for the art lies within the joy and self esteem she sees emerge from her clients as she transforms them.   
Audrey Rae 
Audrey is an artist in its truest form.  Hair is her medium. She's trained extensively one-on-one with the best of the best in Los Angeles. Her training, over ten years experience, combined with her natural talent has made her a master of her craft.  She is infinitely skilled in color, cutting, styling and extensions. Serving both, men and women. Her passion for this profession not only stems from the creative and innovative aspects of it but more importantly from the confidence and beauty she ignites in her clients. She is proficient in working with all hair types and textures. Most of all, she loves having the ability to work so freely and meet so many extraordinary people.  
And The Man We Couldn't Do Without!


Jason Moyer . Client Concierge . House + Loft Manager

Jason's experience in management, entertainment, and customer service provide the perfect background for him as the House + Loft Manager at RA_. Having worked previously as the salon manager for Indo Salon and Facial Bungalow, Jason understands the specific needs of the salon clientele and works to create an amazing and enjoyable experience for every guest who walks through the doors. Jason heads up our exclusive concierge program which includes referrals to our highly curated list of individuals & services around the city, making for the best experience outside the salon as well.