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Winter Do's

It's cold AF. Maybe wet and windy too. 
As seasoned hair artists, are we even allowed to say this...? 

Wear a hat!

It's a great way to stay warm, keep dry and look fab without even trying. However, it has to fit properly. There is nothing more distracting than an ill-fitted hat. 

We are all about beanies and brims! Here's a few tricks to picking the hat for you.

A hat shouldn't feel tight yet also not too loose to where you're worried about it flying off.

If you have a round face, try something slouchy that sits back, it will help elongate the face. For those of you with square faces, choose a more fitted style for balance.

If you have a small face, avoid large brims that may be overpowering. Long face - try a downward styled brim and avoid high crowns. As for a square face, a round crown can help even it out! The opposite goes for a round face - try a square crown.  

Well, if hats just aren't for you, keep rocking' that blow out. We got you covered.