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What's Your Vision?

This beautiful soul will be joining us at RA_RETREAT in Ojai to lead us in making vision boards! Creating a vision board can be the first major step into manifesting your reality. 

And Amber will show us the way! We interviewed her to get the scoop. 

Explain briefly the significance of creating a vision board.

The significance of a visionboard is quite a beautiful spectacle of how [able] the human mind is in manifesting and bringing into existence specific goals & ideas. Simply by having clarity and understanding for what you seek, set those goals by expressing your thoughts through a collage of words, colors & other motivational themes that help create your story board and bring it to life.

How did you first start getting into visual artistry as a form of manifestation?

I discovered vision boards many years ago when I went on a retreat for self-discovery. I wanted to learn about myself. My behaviors, my childhood and how all the things I'd experienced in life, developed me into who I'd become. I began going through pages of magazines during one of the group therapy sessions. No big deal right! We all do it to pass time. But as I began focusing on the words in the magazines, the images, the human skin, body, all beautiful images I thought, "I'd like some of these things for myself." So I began quietly tearing page after page after page out. Within 2 days, I created with passion and focus, my very first, SUCCESSFUL vision board. 

Can you share an example of how this process has worked for you or others?

Vision boards have been a blessing in my life because of the true power they carry. The belief within my heart knowing that the things I've placed on my board are destined to come to life because of my strong desire to see to it that they do. It's a blueprint, a format, a checklist of how I'd like to build and create myself. When your heart is open and pure, it's vulnerable to an energy force that we all once had as children. A visionboard is an adult form of childsplay where you are creating as you would when you were little, an idea of your most beautiful wishes, come to life. Speaking on my own behalf, my 1st visionboard had a specific amount of money I wanted to make that year. WhereI wanted to live. How I wanted to take care of my body, mind and soul. It was very detailed. And with witnesses to testify and support me, everything on my board came to life that same year. The years that follow, have been just as successful. There's magic in a vision board. But you have to first believe and know that there's special power and magic within you.

One last thing, fun fact about amber! What’s something about you that may come as a surprise to people?

I believe truly that I have connection to the spirit world. I've experienced wonderful things that I don't share because I don't want my family to think I'm loopy!