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Valentine's Day Looks

Love is in the air! It's date night. But how should you do your hair??

Here's some of our favorite DIY styles. 

A low twist. Simply place your hair in a low ponytail. Twist the hair countercheck wise until it wraps itself tight around the elastic. Use s few hair pins to keep it place. Pull out some wisps of hair around your face and neckline for a softer look. 

Or, try a soft braid! Make a side part and pull your hair over to that side.  Use a little texture spray to grit u the hair. Do a simple braid off to the side and secure with an elastic. Finish off the braid by gently pulling out the sections to make them look fatter! 

Are you going somewhere a little more dressy? You can't go wrong with a  slick pony. Using small sections, flat iron your hair to be as sleek as possible. Then take a soft bristle brush to smooth it back into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Use a tiny section of hair from the under side of the pony to wrap around the elastic so it doesn't show! Pin this section into the base of the pony and use hair spray to ensure it stays in place.

And if all this seems overwhelming for you? Stop in for a blow out. We won't let you down!