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This Duo Tho!

How lucky are we at RA_ Loft to have this talented duo on our team?!?


Daisy Ontiveros & Daysi Ramirez

These babes have worked hard to get where they are and their natural genius for hair artistry precedes them. If you need the ultimate makeover, these two have you more than covered.

What inspired you to get into hair?

Both of us can say that we grew up styling our friends hair and experimenting on ourselves with new techniques, whether it was braiding or simply curling our hair, as well as our friends. 

Daysi: In my neighborhood, I was the girl everyone turned to do get their hair done and I loved it. All my friends and family trusted me and my vision to create the perfect look. Seeing the magic I could create with my hands is what inspired me to do hair. I love the idea of creating something different and exciting, knowing that I can change someone's look and make them feel amazing is so satisfying.

Daisy: Growing up in a small town, I always looked up to all the style magazines like Vogue, Nylon, and Elle. I would flip through all the pages and pick who's hair I wanted and see if I could recreate the look. First, I would practice on myself, then invite my friends over and cut their hair as well. That was when I realized, I wanted to be a hair artist.  

How did you know that you wanted to specialize in one area of hair? 

Daisy: During my time in beauty school we learned the basics in cutting, styling, and coloring. I always shifted more towards cutting and styling. When I graduated and became an assistant at Sally Hershberger Salon Los Angeles, I knew I wanted to specialize in cutting. I trained with Colleen Duffy, she molded me into a better stylist. As an assistant we had weekly cutting and styling classes with the other stylist at the salon, and if I needed extra guidance Colleen was always there to help guide and correct me. I love creating looks that help enhance natural beauty. I love working with different textures and lengths. I love seeing the end result right away. 

Daysi: Most salons in Los Angeles make you choose one or the other when you start assisting, that was the case for me at Sally Hershberger. Immediately, I chose color. It allowed me to give my full attention to learning everything there is about color. 
I loved the challenge there is to color, learning to mix what to cancel different tones, or learning different techniques in how to paint the hair. There was so much to learn, and color allowed me to have creative freedom. Assisting Jess Gonzales allowed me to think outside the box, her artistic ability allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and experiment as much as possible during my time as an assistant.  

How did the two two of you meet? 

The two of us met at Sally Hershberger Salon as assistants. Daysi assisted Jess and I (Daisy) assisted Colleen. The two of them share all of their clients which made us work together as a team to make sure our schedules would run smoothly. Seeing how much fun and how amazing the results of Jess and Colleens work came out made us decide to partner up as well. It's important to find someone who shares the same style and vision so that the end result in your work is cohesive. 

How would you describe the The Daisies?

The experience is exciting and fun. We want our clients to feel comfortable and at ease. We work with our clients to see their vision of what they want their end result to be and help enhance their natural beauty. Daisy's haircuts allow every woman to feel her best; her signature looks range from short textured bobs to long flowy layers and everything in-between, there is a look for everyone. Getting a Balayage from Daysi will have you mesmerized with her clean painted highlights to finally the seeing the end result. The daisies can make your hair goals become a reality. 

Tell us something about each of yourselves that people might not expect. 

You can expect us to be detailed oriented, whether its with Daysi's clean balayage application or Daisy's attention to detail with each section brought down for her haircuts. The two of us pride ourselves in keeping the integrity of the hair and achieving the best results for our clients. After your cut and color, you can expect to have less maintenance with your hair. With the right cut, the hair should fall into place seamlessly, and with a balayage the grow out will be much more low maintenance.  

Any advice for newbies in the hair world? 

Our number one advice would be to Assist! Assist! Assist! We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to assist and continue to learn. We became better stylist by watching and taking notes from Jess and Colleen, they didn't just teach us how to be better stylist but how to be better people, how to work hard, and how to appreciate the little things. Being an assistant is no joke, you have to be available at all times and know that the schedule can change at any moment. We owe so much to assisting, learning from our mentors shaped us into becoming who we are today. That is why we encourage "newbies" to assist and continue to learn.