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The Wonder Woman Inside Us All

It's times like these we like to look to one of our all time favorite heros, Wonder Woman. Yes. There are SO many other real human beings we can look to and thank right now for helping the planet and paving the way. And please, we pray that we are all paying attention and giving homage where it is deserved. 


There is something about looking to a super hero that ignites a certain fire within ones belly. The desire to become more than human and really kick some bad guy ass, can be the perfect boost for morale!

This Amazonian Princess encompasses and amplifies some of the greatest things about being a woman.

Three super powers Wonder Woman reminds us that all women possess already:

1. Super Breath
Wonder Woman has the ability to breathe a storm into action. This is true of all women! We can huff and puff and create quite the stir! But also, with the power of breath, when we acknowledge the beauty of it, we can use it to calm a storm as well. A simple inhale one, two, three, exhale, one, two, three before reacting can completely change the environment around us.

2. Empathy/Telepathy
Wonder Woman can read thoughts and intuitively feel what's going on around her. This is woman's greatest gift. We have distracted ourselves to the point of self absorption and self consciousness that we have forgotten to feel and be conscious of one another. Sometimes, we actually ignore the thoughts and feelings of others out of fear. As women, we are the literal channel of life, the opening. Don't be afraid to feel and be open. This is a strength not a weakness! 

3. Super Healing 
Wonder Woman can heal her battle wounds in no time at all. We find this also to be a beautiful characteristic of just being a woman. We are strong. We have a strength that stems deep within from generations of rising above inflicted scars and barriers, being queens. Women know how to push through pain until the other side has been reached. Naturally, we have incredible capabilities to heal ourselves and help others through the healing process. 

So, on days when you feel like you need a super hero, remember, you're the one with super powers! 

Keep practicing.