evolution is inevitable

Everyone's story is a little different. However, we as humans have a general shared spectrum of emotions, cravings, consciousness, right? There has been times in my life that this was unclear; dark times when a feeling had taken over my being and I swore only I would ever understand it.

But it's simply not true. You are not the only one who has ever felt a certain way. When you learn this valuable lesson, opening up to others doesn't seem so scary. Then suddenly, you have a hand (or many!) to reach out for in the dark.

I give thanks daily for the unbreakable bonds clearly woven deep into my existence and I know I wouldn't survive without them. I learned that you can choose who you call family. And some times bonds between friends prove to be thicker than blood.

Three years ago, a Sisterhood was created. I have many sisters now, who would act on behalf as only a chosen sister would. This, however, is the Trifecta.

Founders of RA_.