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The Trainer You Never Knew You Needed

How about a little kick in the pants inspo from this favorite babe of ours?! 

Amelia DiDomenico is much more than a personal trainer. She is an entrepreneur in an evolutionary industry. She combines physical work outs with therapy sessions, so you can sweat it out and talk it out. What's better than gaining emotional, mental and physical strength simultaneously? 

So how exactly would you describe what you do?

I create a "fitness system" that molds to my clients lifestyle and personal goals. The system includes working out, moving more, loving your life/body and eating real food with joy. Our workout sessions are a blend of strength training, mobility, flexibility, cardio with a lot of laughter and often a few break downs and break throughs. My nutrition philosophy and meal plans center around my client's relationship with food. 

How does psychology fit into your training? 
Mindset is everything. Something can be easy or hard depending on how you look at it or feel about it. I use my Master's in Clinical Psychology to understand my clients and guide them towards deeper understanding of themselves. 

When did you first know this was the path you must take?
I started as a yoga teacher and really enjoyed teaching large groups of people however my body was breaking down and I was suffering from repetitive stress injuries. I found a trainer that taught me how to strength train and put my body back together. I was pain free for the first time in my life and I knew this was the work for me.

Who has been most influential to your career?
 Wow, this is a really tough question. I have had several incredible powerful mentors throughout the years but I would have to say Annie Carpenter, who taught my yoga teacher training and Chris Paine, my trainer that provided me the door towards personal training.

What is one food you can’t live without?
 Lemons! They are my spice of life. Oh and pasta, of course. 

Any advice for people struggling with motivation?
 Set small goals and do some serious celebration every time you follow through! Make it fun and definitely build in rewards to encourage yourself. Be your own biggest cheerleader! 

And our favorite part about her.. You can find her at the RA_ Hair House starting in November!