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RA_ Rituals // GRATITUDE

RA_ Rituals // observed ceremonial acts of honoring yourself

There are many things we do in life, big and small, that make us feel good, make us feel like ourselves.  It's important to make the time to do these things habitually, so that you can continually feel good and stay in balance.

The RA_ Ritual of expressing gratitude is one of the most important!

Three Morning Rituals of Gratitude from some of our RA_ Babes.

When I wake up in the morning, I know it's important to start the day by giving thanks, no matter what! To remind myself, the alarm clock on my phone is labeled, GRATITUDE!!!! So as soon as I open my eyes, I remember to say a little prayer of Thank You. Then I make fresh coffee and snuggle on the couch with my dogs while I catch up on the news before I start my day. It's this little part of my mornings that helps center me before the daily stressors.

When I wake up I sip on espresso in bed brewed by my sweet husband. I let him know how grateful I am for him when he sets that little cup on my bedside table followed with a kiss. Then I get out of bed and I get ready for a workout to prepare my body and my mind for the day. I am always appreciating my body’s strength and how well it moves.

Every morning, I brew coffee before getting back into bed to snuggle with my husband and dog (Piggy). Family snuggle time lets me start each day feeling full of love and gratitude. 

How do you express gratitude? Do you do it daily?