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RA_ Ritual // Work Outs

RA_ Rituals // observed ceremonial acts of honoring yourself

You're little irritable. A little blue. When's the last time you've done something for you!

If we know one thing, it's that physical activity can be a HUGE release. So if you don't have a work out ritual..

 You need one.

Don't panic! This can be as simple or intense as your body and mind crave. Just remember; your body was crafted to move! It's important to find a ritual that works for you to stay sharp, mobile and sane. The more you stick to a routine the more you will love yourself for it. 

Hear from some of our RA_ Babes:

"Even though keeping a regular routine can be hard in my irregular schedule, I deeply value the importance of getting my work out in. I take time at the beginning of each week to schedule in what I need! Not everyone is the same. But for me I prefer group fitness classes where I'm being lead by someone who really knows what they're doing and I can't get away with slacking. 3-4 times per week of rotating circuit training, running and yoga keeps me feeling good. When I stray I can really feel the difference in my psyche!"

"I once heard a quote from Christy Brinkley (the goddess of all goddesses) that I think about DAILY. She said “I try to break a sweat everyday” so simple! That being said, I always listen to my body when it comes to breaking that sweat. I say to myself, what do you need today? Once in a while my body just says REST, in which case I will do yoga or even just take a walk with my husband. But generally right now I am enjoying a beautiful balance of weight training & pilates. AND ALWAYS SQUATS. The older I get, the MORE SQUATS. Gotta keep that booty popping!"

If you're feeling inspired and need a great place to start, join us at our RA_ RETREAT next month!!