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RA_ Ritual // Girl's Night In

RA_ Rituals // observed ceremonial acts of honoring yourself

One of our favorite rituals, one that is completely necessary for survival, is Girl's Night!

It's important to surround yourself with positive, go-getting people. People who love you, who you can learn from and who help bring out the best in you. And what's better than getting together with your girls to exchange ideas, let out emotions and try out new beauty hacks?

That's why we prefer Girl's Night In. Where we get to really delve deep and do some self care together. 

If you are really digging into your feminine energy and power, plan your Girls' Night In around the moon! The full moon is excellent for bringing out laden potentials and has a very vibrant, exciting energy while the new moon is all about letting go and fresh beginnings! Either moon is a great time to be around your support system to explore what's going on within yourself, family, work etc. 

A glimpse into one of our Girls' Night In? Each one consists of these five things:

It's important to move that body, shake it out and get silly!

It's absolutely the best medicine and is unstoppable when we're together.

At some point at least one of us will shed a tear! There are some things you can only get emotional about with your girls. 

We are lovey, huggy bunch and at girls night, you will definitely find us in a snuggle puddle!


Gratitude Ceremony 
We always find a moment in the night to honor each other by giving a toast, saying words of gratitude for one another. This is something that we treasure dearly and makes us each a better person every time we participate. 

So make the time for this ritual of being together.