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Let Go of Those Summer Split Ends

Let Go of Those Summer Split Ends

We all have been a little hard on our tresses the past few months.. Don’t even get me started on any of you burners out there!

Even though we could give you all the best moisturizing, rejuvenating products in the world (including our own RA_ Gold, currently being re-vamped and coming out soon!!), at some point you have to take a good long look in the mirror at those straggly ends of yours and proclaim, “I need a haircut.” 

Nay, DESERVE a haircut. You have almost forgotten how GREAT it feels to sit in your stylist’s chair and snip off the past couple months revealing your best self once again. Just the thought of the smell of professional shampoo and the expert hands of an attentive assistant massaging your been out every night this summer head should be enough to lure you into your favorite salon, take a breather and treat your hair with some respect! Deep breath and let it go.. 

Not all of it, by any means. In fact, if you are in the process of growing your hair out, here is our little secret. Cut it. Nothing drastic but clean up those ends regularly. Nothing is worse than having long hair that looks thrashed. The KEY to a micro trim however, is WHEN to do it. The New Moon. We’re unclear if this is science or superstition, but it works! Cutting your hair on the new moon helps your hair grow faster and prevail at it’s optimal health. 

Next New Moon: September 19th

Thank us later :)