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Health Hack // Shhhh.....

The power of quiet. Do you know the benefits of taking a moment?

There is a story of man who didn't speak for seventeen years. For almost two decades, John Francis traveled the country on foot and didn't say a word. Before this journey of silence, he found himself in constant disagreements, always trying to prove himself with his words and that he was never really listening, only waiting for his turn to speak. So, one day he decided, he wasn't going to say a thing, just for one day. Then again the next day, and the next, and the next. John was amazed by peace he experienced within himself when stayed quiet, when he wasn't fighting for attention, when he actually listened, when he just was. 

Isn't that something we're all looking for? Peace?

Now, we're not telling you to take a vow of silence. But we are telling you to be quiet once in a while, preferably daily. Set aside a few moments to settle down and do nothing. Let all thoughts float right on by, not holding on to a one.

Here's three easy ways for you to find some stillness.

1. Cloud Watching - It may seem silly but looking up at the sky may just be the quickest way to change your perspective and calm your nerves.

2. Take A Bath - Dim the lights, soak in some bubbles, close your eyes and breathe. That is all.

3. Stretch It Out - All the simple stretches you learned in gym class will definitely put your mind at ease however there's one move we live by to quiet down. Lie on your back with your booty up against the wall, legs straight up, resting on the wall. Clasp your hands over your belly and feel the benefits.

Your body and mind will be completely changed if you just take a little breather everyday. And if you really want to indulge and make everything better. Come get a head massage and oil treatment from one of our professionals!