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Featured Artist // RA_ Babe : Heather Andrews

We acquired our precious Heather when we took over our West Hollywood location. Gift with purchase. An incredible one at that! The spirit of this amazing young woman will melt your heart and freshen your outlook. Her vision and creativity are one of a kind. So much so that now not only is she one of the best colorists on our team, she's an integral partner in our product line! RA_POTHECARY. Launching soon....

So, get to know our girl a little better!

How did you first get into hair?

I first knew I wanted to do hair at about 12 or 13 years old. I was very afraid to sleep in my room alone and my younger sister would let me sleep in her room ONLY if I woke up early to do her hair in the morning. I soon realized that I actually really enjoyed our quality time in the early AM and making her feel good about herself before school every day. It gave me a sense of fulfillment I hadn't experienced in any of my previous hobbies. Soon friends and family started to ask me to do their hair for special events. I've always really loved the social aspect of being a hair stylist and watching peoples confidence rise right before my eyes. I used to be very into theatre, so I think maybe it's a love affair with instant gratification? When I finally went to hair school and started learning color theory, I knew this was my true passion! Everything seemed to come naturally to me and I knew I was on my right path. 

How would you describe our work?

I like for my work to appear seamless and natural. In my opinion, making minor enhancements to what you naturally have-makes the most impact, is the most forgiving to your hair, and is the least maintenance. I'm all about making my clients feel cared for, and beautiful for who they are organically. I really try to nurture each relationship I have with every person who sits in my chair so that I can create a look that coincides with their life style and always remains respectful of their schedules and budgets. Instead of going for something drastic and potentially damaging, I tend to opt for a softer, more detailed approach, that I feel ultimately appears the most custom tailored to each individual. Of course, there's always that special client, where we both feel something funky would better represent their personality! In those instances I'm not afraid to think outside of the box.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I would probably say my biggest inspiration is my father. He moved to NYC from the island of Cyprus when he was 20 with only $100 in his pocket. He was a refugee at the age of 12 and worked on his families farm until he went into the army, and eventually college in the states (which my grandmother really didn't like).  When he met my mom-all odds were against him. He never let anyone's opinions of their relationship get in the way of his goals and dreams. When I was 2 years old my dad moved our family to Las Vegas to open a New York Deli. The Bagel Cafe is his second home. His dedication to his business is awe-inspiring and completely driven by his love for his family. I'll never forget the years I spent working there together. Opening the restaurant with him was always my favorite. I would prepare the register while my dad sat at the counter and ate frosted flakes with steamed milk and honey. He's taught me that working hard should never be something to fear, and that being kind in an unkind world is only sometimes recognized-but always worth it. 

Where have you never been but are dying to go?

Lately, I've been dying to go to Patagonia. It looks like everything I look for in a destination. Seclusion, nature, and great food + wine. 

What are your future plans?

My future plans are to keep making people feel beautiful and to hopefully move to my favorite little city an hour and half up north! I hope to travel lots with my sweet boyfriend Frazier and I also look forward to building a family. I love cooking, but I always accidentally make enough for a family of 5. Doing things for my community brings me a lot of joy, so I imagine I'll always have a portion of my life dedicated to service. I just want a simple life filled with great personalities, beauty, food, and creativity! Recently, of course, I've combined my love for beauty, nature and helping people by co-conspiring to create RA_POTHECARY! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Big things to come. She's being modest.]