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Featured Affiliate // Namaste Yoga : Vanda Ciceryova

This woman is everything. Vanda is the founder/owner of Namaste. After growing her business for many years in Highland Park, she came on board our Wellness + Beauty Co-op, RA_ Loft Downtown, when it was just bare bones and she was 8 months pregnant! Now that's courage and manifestation power to admire. Namaste. (I see the divinity within you.)

How did you first get into Yoga? 

I dipped my toes in in college but really took a deep dive in 2008 when I moved to the US. 

After years of practice we moved near Highland Park, an area that did not have a neighborhood yoga spot at the time; and I found myself driving way too long to my old yoga studio. I decided to save the drive time and open a yoga studio myself. So I found a spot, hired some teachers, put together a schedule and gave my notice at my 9-5 job. That’s how Namaste Highland Park was born in 2012.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

It might be cliche but my parents and my grandma inspire me the most. My parents are married for about 35 years now and they still seem like they just started dating. Their marriage is not always rosy but their commitment to each other inspires me. 
Grandma is a wonder woman. She leads a simple life, running a quarter acre farm in eastern Slovakia. Watching her knead dough is like watching virtuoso play their instrument. She is always present and pays a 100% attention to everything she does, whether it is feeding the chickens, pulling weeds or talking to you. 

What’s your favorite part of the day and why? 

Sunrise. The time of day when everything is waking up, the air is cool and it seems like time is still for a moment. It embodies of the beauty of the world for me. In those few moments, just “being" with what is centers me. 

Where would you like to travel to next?

Personally I’d love to do an oysters & Scotch bicycle tour in Scotland! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, please!!]

What are some personal tips you can share that help keep you balanced?

Having a daily practice makes a big difference for me, whether it is yoga, mediation or just a morning routine, like reading the newspapers with your morning cup of coffee. 
Whenever life gets busy and my practice gets put aside, I start to notice how the irritation and murkiness start to creep back into my life. Before I know it, I am feeling disorganized and scattered. With a daily practice consistency is key and habits are hard to grow (and hard to break). Consistent daily practice helps me be grounded and being grounded is key to make decisions in line with my priorities.