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Every Season = Spray Tan Season

So it’s September, we hear that fall is just around the corner.. We’re not buying it. 

In LA it’s always preferable to have a slight summer glow. And fortunately, since endangering our skin is not an option, we have the miraculous SPRAY TAN! 

We know. This beauty hack can have such a bad rep. But that is all due to inferior product being applied poorly! (And sometimes the personality behind it doesn’t help. Ahem.. D. Trump.)

We’d like to assure you that there are amazing products out there and when applied by a professional, can give you that perfect sun kissed glow, look natural and no one will ever call you orange

Sometimes, well, most times, we want to look like we just got back from a relaxing vacation. No more bags under our eyes. No more pasty dry skin. No more flabby arms! We bet you didn’t even know that a spray tan could even remedy these things! Truth is, when done correctly, a spray tan is like real life photoshop. Imagine that.

At RA_ the solution we use is 100% organic and vegan, paraben free, gluten free, sulfate free and non- GMO with all natural fragrance. It’s guaranteed to be the most natural, golden brown color. We offer two types. A long lasting formula (7-10 days) with an eight hour development time or an exotic alternative formula with the ability to shower in as little as one hour!

The masters behind this wizardry? 

Tony Mayorga @ RA_ Hair House 
Natalie Lebo @ RA_ Loft 

And don’t worry. Getting naked for either one of them is WAY easier than you think.