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Eagle Woman // Everyone Could Use A Dash Of Healing

Next month, we are doing something very exciting! We are hosting a Woman's Retreat in Ojai! 

So, we must introduce you to the amazing shaman who will be leading our opening ceremony. Her name is Eagle Woman.

She is a magnificent healer who we are blessed to have doing her work under our West Hollywood location.

How did Eaglewoman first realize her gift?

When Sara Eaglewoman was quite young her family recognized that she had the gifts of intuitive vision and the ability to heal. As a very small girl she would sit in her room speaking to what seemed like herself. Her Mother one day asked her “who are you speaking to”? Sara’s reply was “the Lady in Blue”! Not understanding what she meant, her Mother called her brother, a powerful Medicine Man of many years practiced in the Apache Ancestral Medicine ways. He immediately had a knowing of what it was taking place with Sara. He said “take her to the church”. So, one day Sara and her Mother took a walk over to the local church. As they entered Sara saw a beautiful statue of the Mother Mary and became very excited pointing at it and shouting “Lady in blue, Lady in blue”!!! And so, it became obvious to her family that when Little Sara sat alone in her room, it was Spirit that was coming to her and she was able to communicate with. Why, some may ask? How was she able to do this? Because she was born into this world with a pure and profoundly compassionate heart and was given a gift.
This gift grew over the years, apprenticing to her Uncle, learning the Medicine ways, ultimately being initiated ceremoniously and given the name Medicine name Eaglewoman. A healing name of the supreme liberator and a name that one must uphold and live up to, which Eaglewoman has in her more than 30 year healing practice.
Today She is known by many as the Urban Shaman, one who practices the ancient ways bringing them to life to heal and transform in today's world. She brings the gifts of the Eagle to the trenches of today's society and ones own personal life challenges. Described by those who have experienced her work as a "Miracle Worker", "Holy Woman" and a "Doctor of the Soul", Sara Eaglewoman is a conduit of the light, an open channel through which the Great Spirit works. She is a bridge to the Ancestors and Ascended Masters. A mystic and visionary of impeccable discernment, she is the embodiment of integrity and devotion. Eaglewoman transforms your life by changing the "outcome" to "become".

What is a healing session like with her? 

You can schedule a private one on one session with Eaglewoman, work with her as a couple, or in a group. You may work with her in person or remotely over the phone. What Eaglewoman does for an individual she also applies to the dynamics of working with a couple or a group.

Once the client has made the commitment to the work and a session is scheduled, Eaglewoman will become aware of you, your soul’s request and what is to take place for you. The work will have begun before you physically come in to see her as she is connected up with you in the etheric realm. When you arrive for your sacred healing session you step into the sacred space. Eaglewoman is divinely guided in her work to what your whole beingness needs. It is valuable to understand that what comes through for you comes from the Eagle's perception, the highest order of healing. It is what the Realm of Spirit knows you most need to evolve and transform your life, beyond what is known to us from our own vantage points of ourselves. Your experience with Eaglewoman and her healing Medicine work will be unique unto you as she is guided by each individuals unique soul and is aligning you to your souls connection to Spirits highest knowing. 

Eaglewoman's healing work clears, moves and cleanses energies which are stagnant or blocked. Through divine alchemy she realigns and redesigns your mental, emotional, physical, and ethereal bodies so that one may rapidly shift, heal and elevate. Eagleowman continues to always uphold a sacred vision for you as you journey over the bridge to your blessings. It is also the responsibility of the client to uphold this sacred healing and continue walking the path of elevation that has divinely aligned for them. Learn More Here.

What’s a prayer or mantra we could all benefit from that she can share?

“Forget what you know and remember what you forgot”.

Fun fact about Eaglewoman! What’s her favorite pastime when she’s not in session?

Eaglewoman loves going to spin class, kickboxing, running and eating yummy vegan food and snacks!