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Craving Balance?


Most of our RA_ Babes know our good friend and fitness guru, Amelia Didomenico. If you haven't experienced all her wondrousness personally, you will have a chance to at our Ojai Retreat! 

Amelia will being leading us through Yoga + Mediation. So, we thought we'd check in with her about her thoughts on the practice!

What does balance mean to you?
Balance to me is finding peace and connection with everything I do. Basically, inner balance is my definition. The world can just keep on spinning as long as me, myself and I feel neutral or balanced, I am good. 

What are the benefits of meditation? 
Meditation is a personal practice that can be done anytime, anywhere and free of charge... it is your special time or your secret place that no one can touch. Meditation is proven to be highly effective to decrease symptoms of anxiety, depression as well as insomnia. It is also a powerful tool to train the mind. Everything starts in the mind, so we start there. 

How often do you personally meditate?
I try to meditate daily, usually it ends up being 5 days a week of time spent seated and meditating. That being said, even a conscious breath can be seen as meditation.

What’s your favorite part about yoga?
 Yoga makes me feel beautiful after I do it. 

Lastly, how excited are you for the retreat?!?!
 Haha! INCREDIBLY excited!