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Candy Binge Detox

Whether we ate too much of our kids' candy or dank a few too many cocktails at all those Halloween parties (or both), it will behoove us to detox a bit before all the other holidays sneak up on us and we do it all again! 

Here are five ways you can get your body back in balance after the binge. 

1. Breakfast. 
Do not skip it! When on a binge, your blood sugar level will spike. And then it will crash. To help stabilize it, eat a breakfast packed with lean protein and healthy fats. Eggs and avocado, for example. 

2. Hydrate. 
Well, duh! We all know this but it doesn't mean we follow through. If drinking water seems like a chore, try coconut water. It tastes great and will replenish your electrolytes, as well. Alkaline water is much more effective to restore balance from too much acidity in the body caused by sugars and alcohol. How to get alkaline water? Just add lemon! Get yourself a 32 oz bottle and try to drink through it twice daily.

3. Protein.
Amino acids, found in proteins, are essential to liver health. So when detoxing from an alcohol/sugar binge be sure to fill up on lots of veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats. This will help curve cravings for more sugar and get your liver back on track!

4. Fiber.
It's important to clean out your gut. Eat veggies and low sugar fruits like Cantaloupe, which also helps diminish water retention! 

5. B Vitamins. 
These vital vitamins, in which most of us are deficient, are also greatly depleted when binging. The B's help form red blood cells, metabolize carbohydrates and promote healthy nerves.  So be sure to restock your system by eating whole grains and dark leafy greens.