evolution is inevitable


So what is reality for the entrepreneur?  

It's non-stop. It's exhausting. It's draining even on good day. There is always something to start, something to finish and something you're right smack dab in the middle of. The lists and lists of things to do consistently have more being added to then scratched off.  

Then why would anyone want to be their own boss?? Well, it definitely has it's perks too!


This mostly means, the change. You saw how something was done before and you can do it better. Or you can do something that never has been done before! There is no greater way to express yourself and your values than by living out your own way of doing things. Bringing it into existence!

Look what I've created.

There is nothing more beautiful than watching something you've dreamed up (just a baby idea you had in your brain!) come to fruition, morph into itself and become even greater than you originally imagined. RA_ is that dream for us. It's so completely magical how we have evolved and continue to do so. We have so much in the works and can't wait to reveal all the yummy things we have in the making. With three salons and product line, we've been a little busy and can't wait to share! There is nothing more rewarding than looking back and saying, "Wow. I did that. I took those risks and made that happen." 


Even though there are always things to be managed and prepped and handled, it's all on your time. You get to make your own hours, decide what needs your attention this second and what doesn't.  Once you create a team to help facilitate all your goals, it gets easier to step away. Don't get me wrong - we be working non-stop! Sometimes it might just be on a beach somewhere. 


Creating a culture is by far our favorite part of the entrepreneur's journey. It's honestly the most important thing. We all need support for success! And if you'd like to build a team that supports you, you must support the team. The culture and support we have conjured up exceeds our expectations on the daily.  What a beautiful thing to experience. 

We encourage the dreamers to put their dreams into ACTION! Because it's ALWAYS worth it. But don't forget the action part. Dreams don't manifest on their own!