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Betsy Parker // The Strength Of A Woman

Meet Betsy!! 

This inspirational woman is a long time mentor for us RA_ Babes which is why she is a staple at our upcoming retreat! 
Learn more about her and her successful career as a pilates instructor in our interview. 
And to experience her expertise, join us in Ojai!

Of all the training methods, why did you choose to teach pilates? 

I chose to teach Pilates back in 1991 when I discovered how miraculously it pulled my body back together after I gave birth to my second child.  I was on bed rest for 8 weeks prior to his birth, and had gained an enormous amount of weight (I was receiving two steroid injections per week for those 8 weeks).  I had also become extremely weak from the inactivity,  and the mental stress that was imposed on me due to the concerns of his overall well-being was also debilitating!
6 weeks into practicing Pilates 3 times per week, my friends and family were shocked at the way I was looking , walking and smiling again! Along with the healthy diet I was keeping, my body started to take on its old shape. My posture had improved to a point beyond anywhere it has been prior. The deep breathing I was practicing with the moves had helped me get to a more peaceful state of mind.

How did you get into fitness in the first place?

Growing up in a family with lots of boys!!! Sports, sports and more sports were my life!

For optimal results how often do you recommend taking class? 

3 times per week, though twice a week is also great as long as you’re getting correct instruction. I recommend everyone take private instruction before beginning group mat classes!

Do you personally incorporate any other types of work outs  in your routine?

Honestly, I used to incorporate intense cardio strength classes up to 5 times a week, and the results were not positive for me. I thought I needed to sweat out whatever toxins (and we all know what those are) I put into my body.  I discovered Staying Flexible, toned, and strong while cutting down on my sugar intake helped me feel better than I ever have before without the joint and muscle injuries I had been sustaining over the years. Come on, now. I’m almost 65! I do however, practice Pilates 5-6 days a week!

What’s your favorite song to move to?

I get down to whatever my clients want to listen to, from CNN to trap music, but my guilty pleasure is 80’s classic rock!