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Artist Feature // Sergio Joseph

This guy! 

We can't get enough of Sergio. This up and coming hair artist has the skill, the passion and the swagger. From blondes to braids, he's got your locks on lock!

Read a little more about him below. Book with him here.

How did you first get into hair? 

I've always loved hair. When I was a kid, I would play with my sister's barbies, making sure their hair  was always done and outfits on point! I made it a career when I moved to California.

What's your favorite style/technique?

I love vintage hair! And making waves with a hot iron. 

What's your biggest inspiration in life or hair?

Well right now, I'm loving Adir Abergel.  But the story of Francesca De'Mori, owner of Freedom Couture (wigs), really touches my heart. Her work is amazing and she makes women feel empowered. I love that. 

Tell us something about yourself that may surprise people. 

I really love science and space! I could sit and look at pictures and videos of space and planets all day. I'm a nerd in that sense.

Favorite food?

Hands down, Mexican food steals my heart!