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Apricot Oil! You Need It.

Apricots are greatly under appreciated in the Western world. There are so many amazing benefits from the oil of these little guys!

In traditional Chinese medicine, it's even used to treat tumors. How's that for some healing power?  

It's rich in vitamins and fatty acids making it an ideal moisturizer. It easily absorbs into the skin, builds elasticity and has anti-aging properties. It's also an anti-inflammatory. It can be used to topically to treat aches and pains, psoriasis, eczema and even acne!

But our favorite thing about apricot oil? What it can do for your hair.

This oil strengthens weak hair strands and encourages healthy follicles, boosting hair growth. It can also alleviate dandruff and other irritable scalp conditions. 

All in all, pretty great stuff! That's why we've integrated this magical ointment into our 
 RA_ POTHECARY products.