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Affiliate Spotlight // Iluminar Nail Spa

We are so excited to announce our newest affiliate at our downtown location!

Iluminar Nail Spa. 

An upscale, appointment only nail spa with custom treatments that will make you melt into your pedi chair!

Check out what co-owner Jessica Land has to say.

How did Iluminar come to be?

 Iluminar started as an idea of a nail spa that my sister and I would imagine. We wanted to open a place that we would expect for ourselves. A place that is completely clean, friendly and provides quality work. We put in a lot of business ethics and standards to Iluminar. Having to achieve what we had expected and build a team that respects each other made Iluminar. 

How did you find your professionals?

Finding technicians was easy, but finding technicians that were professional was a struggle. We did a lot of resume searching online. If anything, word of mouth got us the professionals we have now. 

Describe what sets you apart as a nail spa.

What we believe makes us different has to do with our standards. We don’t rush our clients out the door. It’s the reason why we go by appointments only, it allows a technician to be at one with their client. Customer service is the key to set any business apart, so we make sure we use it. We have a lot respect with what the technicians do and we expect our clients to do the same. 

Tell us a fun fact about yourself or one of your favorite things about life!

I come from a business background, studied project management, even worked as a research analyst. At the end, I always knew my heart was in the beauty industry. I have always admired the art of it. I might not be the one doing nails but it's still a dream come true. So to witness what these girls do is amazing to me.