evolution is inevitable

What's In A Name?

Let's go ahead and break down our name. RA_ Bar Beauty.

It is not the abbreviation R.A.  - for which it is so often mistaken.

It's pronounced Ra (rah), referring to the ancient god of the sun. We strive wholeheartedly to embody the same light, energy, and warmth as he and to beam just as bright! The three of us, female founders, came together to create a positive space where one was lacking. Not only the warm-giving-light aspect of Ra (personification of the sun) exemplifies our mission, but the powerful, masculine energy brings us balance. Its a metaphor. Beauty isn't just about looks. It's about radiating all those characteristics of the brilliant sun that we aim to live by. Shine On!

It can also be pronounced raw, if you like,  referring to the raw-organic oils we use to treat hair and scalp issues and, well, the general feeling of who we are as people.

First things first.. our baby!

We've created a RA_ (raw) Bar. No. Not Juice. It's something you've never seen before. It consists of all-natural, super-healing oils from select fruits and nuts that we cocktail into custom conditioning treatments for each individual clients' needs. Basically, we have taken organic home hair remedies and deepened the process, amplifying the results.

As for why we, as people, identify with the word raw- We're Real. Open. Passionate. Strong. And even Unrefined. We're aren't afraid to be our raw-selves, live our dreams, be honest or make mistakes. We know that the more you embrace your raw self, the happier you will be and closer you will get to becoming more like Ra, the sun!

So, there's our full circle.  RA_ Bar Beauty.

Check the logo. It's a circle. The underscore is like an optional W - reminding you to see Ra in your raw-self. All while bringing beauty back to nature!