evolution is inevitable

By RA_ Bar Beauty on 2015-09-04

Today I woke up looking like maybe last night was one of those nights I ate ice cream straight out of the tub, drank a whole bottle of wine and binged watched Orange Is The New Black. Yeah, that happens.

Whether this is your story too or you went out dancing all night.. Mornings like this take a little extra  je ne sais quoi  to get it together. 

Take some RA_ advice.

Rule number one in any situation-Take a deep breath. You are beautiful even in this moment and you WILL make it out of bed and to wherever you need to go looking as such. Start the day right no matter how bloated you feel and give thanks!

When you're not 100% - never skip a shower. It's sure to wash away last night and wake you up. BUT you can always skip washing your hair. Because, luckily,  girl has a best friend - dry shampoo!! Even if your hair isn't super greasy, this product works wonders when you need a pick-me-up. Spray it on your roots, focusing on the crown area and then do a little sprits through your ends to revive your texture. From here you can use your hot tools to style or better yet, throw it up in a quick bun or braid!  

RA_ favorite : half up / half own top-knot -- so cute and super easy!

Looking like this you'll be sure to rock your day :)