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Why We Still Love Bronde

                                                         COLOR IS EVERYTHING.

 In fashion. In decor. In nail polish.. 
 But especially when it comes to your precious hair!

One doesn't exactly realize how important hair can be until one, well, f---s it up. 

Box dye at home or an unexperienced colorist can ruin your confidence for not only days but sometimes weeks or months while you go through agonizing hours and dollars trying to fix what should have never been broken.

Rule to live by.. Don't stray too far from your natural color. Unless you have lots of extra time and money to spend every other week in a high-end salon to keep up something drastic yet flattering, have a professional enhance what you already have! 

This usually translates into what we call BRONDE

Bronde is a term that originated from taking brunette hair of any level and adding natural looking highlights, aka sun-kissed, bayalage, or subtle dimension. The range of bronde is endless and the result, always gorgeous. It brings about a natural color that is easy to maintain and designed to compliment your skin tone.

(The exception, of course, is if you have mostly grey/white hair in which case you will have to keep it up if you aren't ready to embrace salt and pepper. Even in this scenario, bronde rules!)

Shout out to all our Lovely Bronde's out there!