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Him Or Hair?? Debunking the Myth

To cut or not too cut?? Men seem to be partial to long hair. Or so we think.

I can't count how many times I have a client say to me, "I really want to cut my hair but my boyfriend will hate it!" Or something along those lines. 

As women, we have given in to this notion that men only like long hair. Long hair makes us feminine and desirable! To cut it would be like losing all our beautiful female juju! How will we ever survive?!?

Well, ladies, it's simply not true. Your radiant lady power cannot be snipped away with a pair of shears. 

Fearlessly explore your hair fantasies! Especially if you find yourself holding onto limp hair with dead ends.  

When you have an awesome stylist behind your chair, he/she will guide you to the length that flatters and adorns you best. 

What we found that men like most? Confidence. A woman who feels sexy all on their own. It can all start with a great haircut.