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Journey to Playboy HQ

I'm not sure why in my whole career I have never been here but Playboy Headquarters is a new one for me. Sharing a building with United Talent, one of the largest agencies in the country, I had half a mind to stumble in and make some new friends, but instead I headed down the parking garage to the playboy valet. 
One thing about parking in LA, even when it seems to be a convenient parking structure with valet.. It's never that simple. Or convenient. I grabbed my kit and head up to the second floor. Then I proceed to knock on the wrong door. 
Looking for Playboy?
(How could she tell?)
It's across the hall. 
Today is just one of those days, I guess. I walked in and out of my house three times this morning trying to get on my way to work! 
Ok. Here we are. I'm in! 
The girls at the front desk are beautiful and friendly. The foyer is sleek and modern. Yoonj takes me to her 'office' where she is filming the hosting section of her segment. There's a camera equipment, a makeup room and clothing rack full of exotic garments and a spectacular floor length fur coat. 
Yoonj hasn't worked for Playboy TV for long but she loves it. She shoots short videos of her experiencing the latest trend or interviewing strangers on taboo topics. 
She's a dream. We bond over Burning Man stories and living in the same part of town while I blow out her hair and give her a soft wave. Her hair is naturally long, thick and delicious, so my job here is pretty easy.
 I leave her looking fab in front of the camera asking the question so many of us struggle with.. 
Are we meant to be monogamous? 
Check out what Yoonj discovers on the streets of LA at the link below: